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Each week Adi Mazor Kario talks to the most fascinating entrepreneurs and innovation leaders about Innovation, Strategy, and Design.
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How To Co-Create A Better World With AI?

I’m talking with Rudradeb Mitra, founder of Omdena. Since May 2019, over 1200 data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts from 83 countries have collaborated


Finally! Corporate VS Startups Leader. Who Wins?

Creating innovative, successful products is hard, and certain leadership styles will lead to better results. corporate leaders have their own advantages, like resource availability, network


We Need Sustainable Innovation, Today More Than Ever.

I will discuss “sustainable innovation” with Dr. Johanna Braun, Innovation, & Sustainability Consultant. In many ways, it means traditional innovation boosted and driven by concern


Why We Need More Effective Innovation Leaders?

 I’ll talk with Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schork, Professor for Innovation Management and Digital Economy from Munich about Effective Innovation Leadership – the term she created


The Perfect Method to Innovate, Together.

  I talk to Maarten K. Pieters is Head of Co-creation & People Insight at Signify about the importance of co-creation for innovation and for


Corporate innovation in times of crisis

How could innovation help companies in times of Crisis? This is a question that keeps me up at night for the last few months since


Jobs To Be Done- A Key to Innovation

Adi will interview Jim Kalbach about his latest book The Jobs To Be Done Playbook, and how this method could help companies innovate better and

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