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Adi Mazor Kario, Invincible Innovation Founder.

Expert in strategy, design, and innovation and has helped hundreds of startups and established companies on their journey towards success. She is also an international speaker, and highly sought-after facilitator for her courses, workshops worldwide, and a global online programs called “Invincible Innovation.”

She has helped numerous companies like IBM, Intel, Google, and Waze in reinventing themselves and devising product strategies, defying the odds, and successfully launching their products. Adi holds a BA in Design, an MSc in Cognitive Science, and has a certificate in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. She is also a part of the Google for Startups Accelerator and is a Certified Google Design Sprint Master.

The main idea that she imparts to the startups and companies that she works with is that change is an opportunity to innovate and grow. And the process of Innovation is experimenting, gathering information, learning and continually improving.

Her last creation is a book called “Innovating Through Chaos- a proven formula to launching unbeatable products during uncertain times”.

Adi works with a team of world-wide professionals with background in entreprenuership, Innovation, startegy and design.

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