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Build your future growth based on the Israeli formula.

Invincible Innovation Presents:

Innovation Catalyst

Innovation Catalyst Gives You The Tools To Build Powerfully Profitable New Products — ESPECIALLY Right Now

A Step-By-Step Framework Proven To Work For The World’s Largest Companies (IBM, Google, Intel) and Israeli Startups Alike. Innovation Catalyst Will Help You Deliver New Revenue and Tangible, Forward-Looking Solutions During Times Of Great Change

For the past decade, Invincible Innovation has synthesized the collective wisdom from hundreds of the world’s fastest-growing startups, as well as leaders in the Israeli tech scene – all gathered from direct experience…

Now, with Innovation Catalyst, you and your organization can learn firsthand what’s really working today to deliver ingeniously innovative products that your customers will instantly fall in love with – and happily purchase – so that you can produce outstanding business outcomes.

It’s not theory. Innovation Catalyst is a hands-on masterclass in pragmatic innovation… and at the end of it, you WILL have a solid new Tested Solution – and a whole lot more.

The program will help create (in a few weeks) a Validated Prototype Of an MVP (minimum Viable Product) that has the potential to grow your business.
In the premium package you get the MVP design done for you. In the more basic plans, they need to create it.
This is a beginning of a product- but a full real product takes time (so I cannot promise that).Israeli


The problems Innovation Catalyst Solves


Most businesses view uncertainty as a challenge. But market volatility, declining consumer confidence, and huge shifts in consumer needs and your market as a whole can be YOUR golden opportunity to rise to the top – if you become one of the solution-providers.

The Pressure To Produce

Re-invent a successful product for even more market share, or invent an entirely new one to multiply your opportunities – all with proven templates for designing forward through changes - and turning them to your advantage.

Fewer Resources

The most successful startups have always started as small and agile teams with fewer resources, who learned to move quickly in rapidly changing markets – now with Innovation Catalyst, you can become one of them. Set the pace in your industry.

Fearful Company Culture

Innovation Catalyst is designed for 3-5 teams working in parallel to bring about product success. Even if you are a small team of inventors or innovation leaders or entrepreneur, we will show you how to create buy-in with the C-level executives and investors you need to move your plan into action.


If Innovation Catalyst is about one single thing, it is about eliminating risk across the board. Utilizing strategies from today's most innovative companies, we virtually ensure your new product's success by rapidly testing and methodically improving your product ideas.

Limited time

In your rapidly changing market, nothing less than rapid delivery of new solutions will suffice. Innovation Catalyst takes the best out of the Design Sprints and Business Model Innovations methods, but helps you invest more time into creating lasting change and an actual viable product. You get results targeted towards your business goals, with additional support to create long-term momentum that actually moves the dial in your favor.

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Meet our Founder

Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario is one of the most sought after Product innovation strategists alive today.

Known for her ability to take creative business ideas and turn them into massive revenue, she leverages her proven strategies to create leading edge business growth for the world’s most forward-thinking business leaders.

She has worked with the likes of IBM, Intel, Google, and Waze — along with literally hundreds of startups in Israel, the “Startup Nation,” and played a crucial role in the Google Accelerator for 10 years — and now she has turned her eyes toward Europe.

Her mission is to show ANY business (including yours!) how to innovate their way out of ANY challenge and create unbeatable products — ESPECIALLY during uncertain times.

In fact, the biggest lesson Adi has learned in her time as a design and innovation strategist for today’s fastest-growing companies, is that change is your BEST opportunity for growth. And she would love to show you how.  10

What People Say About Adi

Times Of Great Change Require Bold Leaders

…Are You Ready To Break Away From The Pack, Sharpen Your Competitive Advantage, And Blaze A Trail Of Disruption Through Your Competitors?

Innovation Catalyst will give you the chance to work one on one with Adi and her proven  tools for strategic – yet insanely practical – innovation to create a new value proposition for your business… One which is actually validated and primed for successful sales and delivery.

Make no mistake. This is not like a 3-5 day Design Sprint workshop that generates a lot of positive emotions and brainstorming ideas, but the staged “sticky-notes party” energy falls flat after a couple of weeks, and nothing actually changes in the long-term…
Instead, this is more like a “Design Ironman” – you will need to be serious about long-term innovation and creating a real, viable product. And as such, Innovation Catalyst isn’t for everyone.

Do You Have What It Takes To Break Through Your Current Plateaus?

Innovation Catalyst involves working for several weeks on challenging mental and hands-on tasks that really challenge you to innovate — then turn your ideas into a real viable product. This is for true entrepreneurial leaders who have embraced the startup path to rapid growth.
You must be willing to get “hands-on” and want to be in the top 1% of innovators.

…And if that sounds like you?

The Innovation Catalyst can help you transform your business to meet today’s challenges head-on, come
away from this massive change as one of the leaders in your market, and multiply your business opportunities
1,000X or more in the process.

And The Only Question Is… Are You Ready For Change?

Let's create your future product, today.

We help you find the right business opportunities for you, seize them, and create the right products for your market and clients.