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Invincible Innovation Program

Re-invent Your Business Value and Grow During Uncertain Times.

Our Online Accelerator programs will take you from idea to business results. 

Helping companies around the world adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world, with the methods the most successful startups and entreprenuers use.

We help you survive and thrive in today’s unpredictable market, with new products and re-invented business offers for your clients.

The world is in a constant state of flux making it imperative for companies to keep changing and innovating to meet the market needs. This is more so true during the current times marked by the biggest crisis in recent history. 

If the market, clients’ and users’ needs changed and the companies did not adopt accordingly, they could lose the clients and the business. On the flip side, businesses that stay relevant and lead the pack are the ones that are constantly and mindfully innovating with the right, proven methods.

Our program were crafted especially to answers your transformation & growth needs. We aim to help your company transform every crisis into a re-invented successful product. We believe success is born from doing the right things in a prudent and sustainable manner using a proven method. We deliver the best secret methods used by the most successful startups and tech companies in Israel.

Our indispensable and step-by-step programs detail the core of what it takes for companies to chart a way forward and stay ahead of the competition and guide you on your way to create the right products for the changing market and clients behavior/needs and win the loyalty and trust of their customers, users, and stakeholders.

This is not a course about innovation or transformation, and unlike any other innovation management seminar. It’s an intense, action-based program designed for those who are primed to analyze, find, solve and sell business ideas. Over the course of 5-weeks, you will move from idea to a validated product you can sell to decision makers. We guide you through the process used by the most successful startups and tech companies in the world.

Are you our dream participant?

This is not an ordinary program where you pay to play — everyone is pre-screened and must have relevant knowledge and innovation experience. 

Our program was crafted especially for the 1% innovators and entrepreneurs, who aim for tangible results.  We help the innovate or re-invent a successful product. We believe success is born from learning by doing in the real world and we look for participants who match our point of view.

We welcome:

  • Innovation Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product Leaders
  • Change Makers
  • Tech Leaders
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Open-Minded, Curious, Leaders

If you are one of the innovators and entrepreneurs we are seeking, please apply. We are waiting for you.

Let's Create Your Future

Invincible Innovation Program Application

We make our best to review all applications fast and promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

    Invincible Innovation Q4 Bootcamp
    Start 2021 different and better.

    We know 2020 was harder to many companies worldwide. We help you with launching the products that will make 2021 a great business year for you!

    This step by step live virtual global program is aimed at 2021 business results!
    Together we move rapidly from idea to new or re-invented, validates product in 5 weeks.

    5 Weeks Starting November 16th.

    Mondays 9 Am- 1 PM CET:  Live, Hands-On Sessions.
    Thursdays 9 AM- 10:30 AM CET: Group Coaching Session.

    Let's Create Your Future

    Invincible Innovation Program Application

    We make our best to review all applications fast and promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

      Guiding you to your better business future

      Adi Mazor Kario, Invincible Innovation Founder.

      Expert in strategy, design, and innovation and has helped hundreds of startups and established companies on their journey towards success. She is also an international speaker, and highly sought-after facilitator for her courses, workshops worldwide, and a global online programs called “Invincible Innovation.”

      She has helped numerous companies like IBM, Intel, Google, and Waze in reinventing themselves and devising product strategies, defying the odds, and successfully launching their products. Adi holds a BA in Design, an MSc in Cognitive Science, and has a certificate in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. She is also a part of the Google for Startups Accelerator and is a Certified Google Design Sprint Master.

      The main idea that she imparts to the startups and companies that she works with is that change is an opportunity to innovate and grow. And the process of Innovation is experimenting, gathering information, learning and continually improving.

      Her last creation is a book called “Innovating Through Chaos”.

      What Our Clients Say?

      "Adi has been invaluable in helping us form our Product vision. The outcome was different from what I thought it would be, AND better".
      Yaron Shapira
      Yaron Shapira
      "Working with Adi has been nothing short of awesome 🙂 I've learned a lot from Adi look forward to continued work with her".
      Avinoam Zelenko
      Avinoam Zelenko
      "Adi is a strong strategic, big-picture thinker. She has the ability to be both business focused and users focused".
      Itamar Bartuv
      Itamar Bartuv
      "Adi is an strategic thinker. I'm collaborating with Adi on several highly strategic projects in IBM Security that got great reactions from clients".
      Meir Asiskovich
      Meir Asiskovich
      "Adi knows how to use Design Thinking tools in order to help us create better products. Adi is the clearest thinking and most strategic design expert I have worked with. "
      Adam Sher
      Adam Sher
      "With Adi's help, we managed to get the team engaged and in a short time come up with a solution. It was an educating and successful experience and I would recommend Adi to any of you who's considering it! "
      Ory Yassur
      Ory Yassur

      Let's create your future product, today.

      We help you find the right business opportunities for you, seize them, and create the right products for your market and clients.