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Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario

#1 Innovation & Value Creation Expert

Finally! Corporate VS Startups Leader. Who Wins?

Creating innovative, successful products is hard, and certain leadership styles will lead to better results. corporate leaders have their own advantages, like resource availability, network reach, and brand. Startups leaders and entrepreneurs have agility, speed, and flexibility.

Today, in the midst of the Corona crisis, we need to create better solutions, products, and services to the changing world. This is a heavy demand for leaders around the globe. What capabilities and skills are needed in order to win today? I’ll be talking with Amir Shevat, who worked in Microsoft, Google (where we met), Slack, and is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of ReShuffle. Amir is a very smart guy, familiar with both corporate and startups- I’m excited to have him with me, going to be interesting!

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