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Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario

#1 Innovation & Value Creation Expert

Why We Need More Effective Innovation Leaders?

 I’ll talk with Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schork, Professor for Innovation Management and Digital Economy from Munich about Effective Innovation Leadership – the term she created during her Ph.D.

– What makes an innovation leader effective and successful?

We will also discuss the Effective Innovation Leadership (EIL) Assessment, Prof. Sabrina created in order to help innovation leaders find their innovation strengths and how could they improve.

In order to know your EIL profile score, you fill in a questioner and get Innovation Barometer as an organization, for example:

– How innovative are we?

– What types of innovations do we commercialize?

– How is our system aligned?

– How do we measure our ability to innovate?

– What can we do to become even more innovative?

And, Innovation profiles for you as an innovation leader/Executives

– How effective am I in the innovation business?

– What are my strengths?

– What practices do I use?

– What can I do to become even more innovative? and more.

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