Moving Beyond Incremental Innovation.

My guest today is Ole Tangsgaard, a Strategic Innovation Consultant.  We will discuss: – How could companies innovate better?  – What is the biggest obstacle to innovation?  – What should Innovation leaders know?  Thanks for watching Invincible innovation LIVE A Show About The Future Of People With Tech Ole’s LinkedIn:…

Brand Innovation, Explained.

My guest today is Karin Folman, Brand Innovation Expert, and a coach in the THNK school for creative Leadership. We will discuss: – What is brand-led innovation? – What is innovation in the context of brand management? – What should leaders learn about brand?  

Reaching Zero Hunger In The World.

My special guest is Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator, FastCompany’s Best Workplace for Innovators & Innovative Team of the Year 2020.  I took part in the joined Accelerator of Google together with the World Food Programme a year ago in Munich and was very impressed with their work.  That’s why […]

How Should We Measure Innovation?

My Guest is Andreas Larsen, a management consultant at PA consulting. We will discuss: – How could we measure innovation better? – What type of innovation measurement could an innovation leader use? – Use cases of successful innovation.

Growth Hacking and Innovation.

How can we create value with growth hacking? I’ll be talking with Daan Akse, Head Of Innovation at Growth Tribe Academy. we will discuss: – value creation – Strategy and Innovation – Problem-solving attitude based on creativity and data-driven efficiency.

Highlights & Secrets From The iToday Innovation Summit.

Today we have a special episode!! I’m so excited to have Steph Cruchon, the creator of the Innovation Summit iToday.  The summit was an inspiring Innovation summit for Innovation Leaders. there were speakers like Jake Knapp (author of the Design Sprint Book), Kai Haley from Google, Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the business model canvas, and […]

Corporate Innovation In The Medical Tech World.

What’s the biggest Innovation in med tech challenge?  How is it different from other industries? My guest will be Sina Kahen, a corporate innovator/ Intrapreneur, and a friend. We will discuss lots of interesting topics, like: – Corporate Innovation in the post-Covid world – Corporate innovation frameworks – the difference between entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship – Innovation […]

What It Takes To Be An Excellent Innovation Leader?

Companies are eager to change, transform, and adapt. However, Innovation is hard and most companies struggle to keep ahead of their game. and the secret is within innovation leaders and change-makers. what does it take to be an excellent Innovation Leader?  In this talk, we will discuss points that many innovation leaders around the world […]

The Secrets to Successful Corporate Innovation.

Innovation is now more in demand than ever. But corporate find it hard to transform and change – what are the secrets to doing corporate innovation right? In this talk, we will discuss points that many innovation leaders around the world need to address, now: What’s the best way to handle corporate innovation (especially in […]

Top Consultancy VS. Open Innovation, Who Wins?

Innovative approaches are now more in demand than ever. But which innovation strategy is the right one in times of crisis?  Should companies approach top consultancies, with Top-down innovation, trusting all their experience and knowledge or should they focus on the power of co-creation and open innovation (bottom-up)? In this talk, we will discuss points […]