Understanding Corporate Innovation During Crisis.

How could we understand the right innovation processes corporate needs to take in order to survive and thrive during Covid19?  How to analyze market trends during uncertainty conditions?  Innovative approaches are now more in demand than ever.  But which innovation strategy is the right one in times of crisis?  My guest is Erik Van Ommeren, […]

How To Co-Create A Better World With AI?

I’m talking with Rudradeb Mitra, founder of Omdena. Since May 2019, over 1200 data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts from 83 countries have collaborated in 21 Omdena projects. Organizations like UNHCR, WRI, World Energy Council, World Food Program, etc worked with Omdena to build models solving issues with conflicts, gang violence, hunger, sexual assault, […]

We Need Sustainable Innovation, Today More Than Ever.

I will discuss “sustainable innovation” with Dr. Johanna Braun, Innovation, & Sustainability Consultant. In many ways, it means traditional innovation boosted and driven by concern for resources and the environment. Businesses are embracing the idea that resources shouldn’t be used faster than they are replenished, and that waste generation shouldn’t exceed the carrying capacity of […]

Attention: What Every Innovation Leader Needs To Know Now.

The advantages of open innovation and digital tools in times of crisis and after are obvious. In this talk, we will discuss points that many leaders around the world need to address, now:  How could companies manage uncertainties about consumer behavior, market changes, or growth forecasts?  Will my business model continue to work?  Do I […]

Why We Need More Effective Innovation Leaders?

 I’ll talk with Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schork, Professor for Innovation Management and Digital Economy from Munich about Effective Innovation Leadership – the term she created during her Ph.D. – What makes an innovation leader effective and successful? We will also discuss the Effective Innovation Leadership (EIL) Assessment, Prof. Sabrina created in order to help innovation […]

Corporate innovation in times of crisis

How could innovation help companies in times of Crisis? This is a question that keeps me up at night for the last few months since the Covid crisis started- and I’m doing my best to explore the answers with first class experts. I’d like to invite you to Join me for a live interview with […]