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Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario

#1 Innovation & Value Creation Expert

Attention: What Every Innovation Leader Needs To Know Now.

The advantages of open innovation and digital tools in times of crisis and after are obvious. In this talk, we will discuss points that many leaders around the world need to address, now: 

How could companies manage uncertainties about consumer behavior, market changes, or growth forecasts? 

Will my business model continue to work? 

Do I have to adjust my portfolio of products and services? 

Does my traditional R&D process provide the necessary answers quickly enough? 

Innovative approaches are now more in demand than ever. 

But which innovation strategy is the right one in times of crisis? 

My guest is Catharina Van Delden, Co-Founder & CEO at innosabi, a revolutionary innovation platform, connecting all people, all data, and all initiatives with a single software solution in order to develop innovations and bring them to the market faster than ever. https://innosabi.com/

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