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Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario

#1 Innovation & Value Creation Expert

Top Consultancy VS. Open Innovation, Who Wins?

Innovative approaches are now more in demand than ever. But which innovation strategy is the right one in times of crisis? 

Should companies approach top consultancies, with Top-down innovation, trusting all their experience and knowledge or should they focus on the power of co-creation and open innovation (bottom-up)? In this talk, we will discuss points that many innovation leaders around the world need to address, now: How could companies manage uncertainties about consumer behavior, market changes, or financial forecasts? What’s the best way to handle a crisis? Should they stay in the more traditional, know strategies with top consultancy or should they join forces with academia, startups, and government? My guest is Victor Haze, Innovation Manager who started his career path with innovation in Atos, Top worldwide IT service, and consulting company who through the years moved to innovation in health with cluster innovation. Today he is managing innovation in Health Valley, interlinking startups, SMEs and corporates, with opportunity for their innovation in the market.  

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