Finally! Corporate VS Startups Leader. Who Wins?

Creating innovative, successful products is hard, and certain leadership styles will lead to better results. corporate leaders have their own advantages, like resource availability, network reach, and brand. Startups leaders and entrepreneurs have agility, speed, and flexibility. Today, in the midst of the Corona crisis, we need to create better solutions, products, and services to […]

We Need Sustainable Innovation, Today More Than Ever.

I will discuss “sustainable innovation” with Dr. Johanna Braun, Innovation, & Sustainability Consultant. In many ways, it means traditional innovation boosted and driven by concern for resources and the environment. Businesses are embracing the idea that resources shouldn’t be used faster than they are replenished, and that waste generation shouldn’t exceed the carrying capacity of […]

Attention: What Every Innovation Leader Needs To Know Now.

The advantages of open innovation and digital tools in times of crisis and after are obvious. In this talk, we will discuss points that many leaders around the world need to address, now:  How could companies manage uncertainties about consumer behavior, market changes, or growth forecasts?  Will my business model continue to work?  Do I […]

The Perfect Method to Innovate, Together.

  I talk to Maarten K. Pieters is Head of Co-creation & People Insight at Signify about the importance of co-creation for innovation and for creating value for customers.  Co-creation is especially important during crisis (like in Covid19 we experience right now) and we share ideas on the business opportunities born out of this crisis […]